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Why we are so busy on weekends

Besides the fact that Los Angeles is a weekend breakfast town with all good breakfast spots commanding more than a one hour wait from arrival time until you get your food, we offer original, gourmet menu options at lower pricing than similar eateries. 

We, the owners and employees, consider ourselves one big happy family, treating one another with love and respect which transcends to our extended family of patrons. You will find our customer service to be exceptional, which adds to our busyness. Please know we will always do our best to accommodate all of our customers. As such, we try our best to optimize and balance your wait time with providing fabulous food, quality & service.

We do our best to keep our pricing competitive and our food consistent

We always offer fresh, quality food that is cooked to order. We also use high quality products and ingredients, all the while maintaining our competitive pricing. We truly care about every customer and every meal we serve with the goal that you absolutely love what you get. That said, if your food is not what you expected, let us know and we will be happy to make it right. Of course, we also love to hear how much you enjoyed your Hash experience!

We have a slamming catering business and are happy to provide to-go orders

Yes we do. Our goal is to offer a similar experience to our in-store fresh, quality food cooked to order with every catering and to-go order. However, due to various reasons beyond our control, what reaches our customers may not be at the same level of freshness and quality if the same meal or meal were consumed at our store within minutes of preparation. 

Gluten free, Vegetarian and Vegan options

In addition to all of our proteins, cheeses and veggies being naturally gluten-free, we also offer other gluten-free menu options such as our amazing GF pita, homemade grilled falafel, regular and sweet potato tater-tot mix or our freshly made nachos. Please note we cannot guarantee a fully gluten-free meal as some of our other menu items contain gluten.

We offer high-quality lox and our homemade falafel for our vegetarian friends. We also have vegan cheese and grilled tofu which means you can turn many of our savory menu offerings into a delicious and filling vegan meal.


About Hash

Hash is a chef driven, gourmet food concept founded in 2017. The inspiration for Hash was our love for breakfast and truthfully considering it the best meal of the day. Our menu is a balance of yumminess, nutrition and creativity. Our food is hailed by us commoners and foodies alike, encompassing old-world comfort with a modern twist. Eggs are not just for breakfast any more. And who says we cannot have dessert first? Our sweet offerings are off the charts. Come join us for a delicious meal in our serene setting alongside our vibrant customers.

Our goal is to provide you with an on-going quality experience consisting of great taste, appetizing presentation and the best-in-class customer service.

Our mission is simple – we want to invite you to our place, meet our family, and allow us to serve you and enjoy our food. 

We are always hiring. Our work environment is fast paced and team-oriented. We are family and treat one another accordingly. We offer plenty of opportunities for advancement and prefer to do so from within. We offer full-time and part-time positions, flexible schedules, employee meals, discounts and in-depth station training. Come join our Hash family and share in our success!

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